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Anticosti Project


As part of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) on hydrocarbons specific to Anticosti and its Knowledge Acquisition Plan – Society section, the team of the CCC-CURA was approached for its expertise in supporting communities to conduct the study "ASOC01 - social and economic portrait of the Anticosti population and evaluation of observed changes and possible solutions". The team, formed by Steve Plante, director of the CCC-CURA, Antoine Verville, co-director of the CCC-CURA, Amelie Boisjoly-Lavoie, coordinator of the CCC-CURA, with the collaboration of Genevieve Brisson, researcher and professor at UQAR, are actually working with the community of Anticosti to answer to 3 distinct mandates using tools already employed in the usual activities of the CCC-CURA, like the MEAG and the V2R.

In a first visit in March, the team met with the residents to co-construct a socio-demographic portrait of Anticosti community. In a second phase, the team returned on the field in April to ask residents to identify the anticipated changes in their view of a possible oil development. Finally, the team will return in September for the third and final component, which will consist of identifying, still with residents, adaptive solutions to address the anticipated effects previously identified in the second phase. A last visit is scheduled for the presentation of the final report to the residents of Anticosti.

To follow the progress of the project, continue to visit the website of the CCC-CURA. We will add documents and informations when the reports are ready.

You can also consult the government website for more information on the Knowledge Acquisition Plan and the Strategic Environmental Assessment on hydrocarbons specific to Anticosti.