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The Coastal Butterfly


The Coastal Butterfly is the CCC-CURA's news bulletin published 3 times a year. For each edition, our partners are involved in the drafting of texts related for instance to news of the CCC-CURA's network, to the monitoring of the longitudinal project, to the progress of the punctual projects, to the production or appropriation of specific tools, to news from the partners, to upcoming events, etc.

About Last edition

This edition of the Coastal Butterfly opens with the article “The CCC-CURA: an events partner!” which presents some coming events (p. 2). We will then introduce Mélanie Noblet’s post-doctoral project on adaptation to climate change: a look at public action in Quebec and in New-Brunswick (p. 3). Four of the CCC-CURA’s punctual projects have recently been completed: the watershed organization COPERNIC’s project which aimed to develop a computer tool to track actions undertaken by partners in the Nicolet River watershed (p.4), the CAPSA’s project on a roadmap for the future (p.6), Amélie Dumarcher and Yann Fournis’ project on resource management and collective action (p.10), and finally Omer Chouinard’s project on the study of the regulatory process in planning in coastal and riparian communities in New-Brunswick (p.13). To conclude, we will discuss the advancement of the Anticosti Island project, on which is working a team from the CCC-CURA (p.15). Enjoy!