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Coastal Zone Canada 2012


The Coastal Zone Canada Association will hold the 10th biennial international Coastal Zone Canada (CZC) Conference on June 9–14, 2012, in Rimouski, Quebec. Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Université du Québec à Rimouski will host this major event.

The main conference will focus on strengthening capacity for action of the various players in the community through collaboration. Discussions will focus on mitigation and adaptation to climate change, natural resource use, protection of coastal and marine environment, sustainable development and management of uses and activities. All interested public debate of the major social, economic and environmental factors that occur in ocean and coastal areas of Quebec, Canada and elsewhere.

Youth and citizen forum, June 9th to 10th

Forum jeunesse 2012

The Youth Forum and citizens will be an opportunity for people to discuss all the issues of life in coastal areas. They will find in these two days a place of discussion and exchange on issues related to the coastal zone and its occupation by the population. These exchanges, debates and activities will be focused around the following question:

For you (young people), what brings people from coastal and riverine areas of the Gulf, estuary and the St. Lawrence River? What is your vision for the future of the coastal zone meet its specific challenges (demographics, sustainability, employability etc.) and your desire to occupy this territory?

The Youth Forum and citizens will be done in collaboration with the International Secretariat for Water and objectives will be to:

The two-day program will be divided between workshops, discussions, testimonies and questions about employability region including a forum on employment. The conclusions of the discussions will be shared in plenary at the main conference Coastal Zone Canada 2012.

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