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News | Year 2012

Major change in CCC-CURA Codirection November 2012

After two and half year working sucessfully together, and great contribution from Chantal Gagnon to CCC-CURA development, SGSL-Coalition is unfortunately no longer part of our Codirection. After their Executive Director departure, who was also CCC-CURA Codirector, we had to look for a new partner for Codirection Team. Despite this change, SGSL-Coalition remains of course one of our partners.

After some thoughts and discussions, we are proud to introduce our new codirector partner : the ROBVQ (Regroupement des Organismes de Bassins Versants du Québec), who takes now a larger implication in CCC-CURA as Antoine Verville, Assistant General Manager of the ROBVQ is now part of the Codirection Committee, where he will take a larger role in CCC-CURA activities.

Please join us to welcome Antoine !

New members in the Coordination CommitteeNovember 2012

New Coordination Committee.

Welcome to our new members !

Our partners' participation to Climat 2100 November 2012

A couple of our partners have participated to "Preparing for Climate 2100 - Tools and strategies for NB communities" Conference in Fredericton, from 14th to 16th november.

Omer Chouinard made a presentation on Cocagne-Grand-Digue and the utility of electronic session.

Liette Vasseur presented the workshop "Getting Started with Community Resilience Planning - A Kit to Implementt Dialogue on Planing Community Resilience to Environmental and Climate Changes."

ROBVQ offers a new tool box November 2012

ROBVQ, CCC-CURA partner, publicated a new toolbox on integrating climate changes in Water Management Master Plan, available on their website (french version only).

See the toolbox

Annual days of the CCC-CURA October 2012

The annual days of the CCC-CURA will take place in October, 29th and 30 th to Rimouski. The partners must confirm their presence before October, 8th.

Yves Martinet, partner of the CCC-CURA, contribute to an article on the Magdalen IslandsSeptember 2012

The Comité Zip des Îles-de-la-Madeleine collaborated with SNAP Québec to the achievement of an article of the Islands, its threaths and means of protection in place.

To read the article

13th meeting of watersheds organizations (OBV) in Rimouski August 2012

The 13th meeting of OBV entitled “ Les défis des OBV du Québec"and organized by the Regroupement des organismes des bassins versants du Québec (ROBVQ) will takes place in Rimouski in October, 26-27th. For this event, two partners of the CCC-CURA will make a presentation.

More information.

Launch of the 10th international conference Coastal Zone Canada at Rimouski June 2012

Read presse release

A Forum gives a voice to the young people and citizens June 2012

In the framework of the 10th international conference of Coastal Zone Canada, a place will be given to the young people and citizens with the Youth and Citizens’ Forum.

Read the press release

AGM of the SGSL-CoalitionMay 2012

The AGN of the SGSL-Coalition will be held in june,15th and 16th, at Shippagan.

More information

AGM of the Comité Zip-Îles-de-la-madeleine May 2012

The AGM of the Comité Zip-Îles-de-la-madeleine will be held May, 28th

More information

1er appointment on the water for the ROBVQ April 2012

Le Regroupement des Organismes des Bassins Versants du Québec organizes from May 23 to 25 it first appointment on the water at the Manoir St. Castin

More information about the event

New project in the Magdalene Islands April 2012

Testbeds in a optical integreted management of the coastal zone against coastal erosion

Read the press release

Longitudinal project: Public meeting on the climate change in the community of Sainte-Marie-Saint-Raphaël February 2012

All population is invited to a public meeting on adaptation to climate and environnemental changes Sainte-Marie-Saint-Raphaël, Cap-Bateau et Pigeon Hill

Read the presse release

Longitudinal project:Students of the UQAR and students of the Université de Moncton, campus de Shippagan help contact-researchers in their data collection February 2012

As part of their studies, students of the UQAR and students of the Université de Moncton, campus of Shippagan, participated in the data collection via interviews. This shift was incorporated into the project longitudinal Elise Mayrand and Julie Guillemot working with communities of Shippagan,Sainte-Marie-Saint-Raphael.

Read the press release of the Université de Moncton