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News | Year 2014

The report on the "Espace de liberté des cours d'eau" is now online! November 2014

The report, written by Michel Robert and Valerie Belleau- Arsenault, two students in the Bachelor of Social Development at UQAR, first presents a history of the concept and its different perspectives (Netherlands, Switzerland, France). It then presents the application and implications of this, and the pros and cons, before concluding with an annotated bibliography on the subject. You can download the report here.

Webconferences and technical workshop for OBV and ZIP committees! November 2014

Because of the subsidy obtained by the MELS last summer, 2 webconferences and a technical workshop for practice partners (especially OBV and ZIP committees) will be held soon. The first webconference, on the dynamics of stakeholders in regional development, will be provided by Christopher Bryant (associated professor at the Université de Montreal) and Antonia Bousbaine (M.Sc. in history and geography and geography aggregation) on December 8 2014. The second webconference on the subject of the legal framework for adaptation to climate change, will be presented by Catherine Choquette (professor at the Université de Sherbrooke) and Marie-Pier-Goyette-Noël (lawyer and researcher at Sodavex) on February 11 2015. The technical workshop will be held on February 24-25 2015 in Quebec on the theme "Strengthening the resilience of communities to climate change: tools and approaches." A second series of web conferences and an additional technical workshops should be provided later in 2015. For more information about these events, you can visit the website of the ROBVQ (French only).

Coastal Butterfly, Newsletter of the CCC-CURA October 2014


As usual, we start with the information board and the review of the events to come (p.2). Then, we take you to the Iles-de-la-Madeleine for great news about the ZIP committee (p.3), and to the INSPQ (p.4) with the recent filing of a report on climate change and health in Eeyou Istchee. After that, we travel to New-Brunswick for a follow-up of the longitudinal project in Dundas, Cocagne and Grande-Digue (p.5). We carry on with the presentation of the ROBVQ's tool Repert'Eau (p.7), with a comeback on the OBV COPERNIC's punctual project (p.8), and with an article about the Iles-de-la-Madeleine ZIP committee's project "Bancs d'essai" (p.9). We then go to Shippagan with a summary of the punctual project about how to track the process of appropriation of adaptation tools by a community? (p.10), as well as a report on adaptation and local governance in the community of Shippagan, written by a master's student (p.13), before concluding with an explanation of the CCC-CURA's external transfer and communication strategy (p.14). Have fun reading!

A new punctual project is born! Septembre 2014

A new punctual project took shape during the summer. It is a collaboration between the ROBVQ, the OBV of the Sainte-Anne, Portneuf and La Chevrotière sector (CAPSA) and Genevieve Cloutier, new research partner of the CCC-CURA and assistant professor at the Graduate School of Planning and Regional Development at the Université Laval. The project involves the adaptation and transfer of a prospective tool, and then its application in the basin of the Sainte-Anne River.

New subsidy from the Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport du Québec (MELS) June 2014

The Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport du Québec (MELS) has provided funding of $ 12,897 to the CCC-CURA project based on the "transfer of expertise and tools to process facilitators resilience of coastal communities and riparian".

The Coastal Zone Research Institute and the Forum of Mayors of the Acadian Peninsula announced the signing of a five-year collaboration! June 2014

The Coastal Zone Research Institute, based in Shippagan and affiliated with the Moncton University, and the Forum of Mayors of the Acadian Peninsula announced the signing of a five-year collaboration for the development and management of a management plan and actions related to climate change in the great peninsular region. This is a major driver that proves the relevance of the themes of the CCC-CURA on all the territory! We will closely follow the next steps of this new collaboration!

The comité ZIP des Îles-de-la-Madeleine at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver! May 2014

Le comité ZIP des Îles-de-la-Madeleine was the guest of the Centre for Coastal Sciences at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. He participated in a workshop on the management of sensitive marine areas. Its expertise on this subject was asked to problems experienced by a community of the province of British Columbia. For more information, read the press release on the Stratégies Saint-Laurent website. Congratulations to the whole team for this great recognition!

Omer Chouinard, research partner of the CCC-CURA at the Université de Moncton, obtains funding for a new project! April 2014

Omer Chouinard, from the Université de Moncton, in collaboration with two other researchers, has received a 199 000$ funding from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) for the development of a partnership with the SSHRC to work on: The challenges of adaptation to climate change coastal communities of Cocagne, Grande-Digue (2014-2017). Congratulations!

5 punctual projects have been accepted for 2014-2015! April 2014

1) A project proposed by the ROBVQ for the production and distribution of fact sheets for the use of participatory tools developed or adapted within the CCC-CURA;

2) A project proposed by the COGESAF whose goal is to find a way to use the perceptions of water stakeholders in the scientific process of developing the plan directeur de l’eau (PDE);

3) A project proposed by the OBV Matapedia-Restigouche which will focus on the problem of the complexity of the legal responsibilities of public authority in water management and propose, ultimately, a guide, an interactive directory of legislation and key tools turn-about;

4) A project driven by Omer Chouinard and the University of Moncton that aim to analyze the process of regulation of the Ministry of Environment and Local Government and Regional Services Commissions in the planning of coastal and riparian communities in New Brunswick;

5) And finally, a project proposed by Yann Fournis, researcher at UQAR, which will focus on thinking renewal of the Atlantic coastal economies.

Congratulations to all the projects tenderers! For more informations on these projects, visit the Punctual projects page.

Coastal Butterfly, Newsletter of the CCC-CURA April 2014


Spring is finally here, enjoy! As usual, we start with the information board (p.2) and the review of the CCC-CURA Events to come (p.3). Then, we take you in Maria and Bonaventure for an insight of the longitudinal project with the UQAR team (p.5), and in Quebec for a short presentation of The Dynamic of Actors, Social Representations and Public Concerns: Tools for Facilitators of Dialogue within Projects, carried out jointly by the ROBVQ and Liette Vasseur (p.6). After that, we will travel to Moncton with an article about the Methodological development of tools for project assessment in the watershed of Cocagne, New Brunswick (p.7), before concluding with a reflection about legal framework (p.10) and a brief feedback of the winter Institute 2014 (p.11). Have fun reading!

Coastal Butterfly, Newsletter of the CCC-CURA January 2014


Happy New Year! After the Information board (p.1) and the review of the CCC-CURA Events to come (p.2), we will go to the Acadian Peninsula to The Longitudinal Project with the Shippagan Team (p.3), and then on to Quebec to the Ouelle River for Using an Assessment Approach to Climate Change Adaptation During a Consultative Process of the OBAKIR (p.5). After that, we will go in the Lower Saint Lawrence to see the work with the communities of Sainte-Flavie (p.6) and Sainte-Luce (p.7) before finishing in Europe based on projects based on dialogue currently being conducted in Ireland (p.8). Have a good winter!