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Steve Plante - DirectorUniversité du Québec à Rimouski

Doctor in Geography, specializing in the dynamic of stakeholders in an insular environment. Since joining the UQAR, he has added depth to issues of participatory governance, community engagement and adaptation of coastal communities. He participated in an extensive project led by Bill Reimer (NRE2). He has received funding from the Climate Change Action Fund (FACC) and the FQRSC. He is an active member of the Groupe de recherche interdisciplinaire de l'est du Québec (GRIDEQ) and of the Research Centre for Spatial Development (RTDC). Since 2002, he has worked with several researchers of this team, Stratégies Saint-Laurent, area committees (ZIP), the ROBVQ, the SGSLCS, as well as several coastal and island communities. He has international experience on issues of natural resource governance and usage conflict resolution, particularly in Brazil.

Antoine Verville - Co-DirectorRegroupement des organisations de bassin versant du Québec

Antoine Verville has a University degree in international studies and modern languages specializing in the environment, and a professional master’s degree in regional planning and regional development. Before joining the team of ROBVQ, he was coordinating functions within a recreational organization, in addition to having briefly worked in regional planning in a local development center. In 2008, he joined the team of ROBQ, first as a project manager and communication program manager then and finally as Executive Vice President. His principal functions include the coordination of the team and all programs and services of ROBVQ. He also focuses to develop new programs and projects, in addition to maintaining relations with ROBVQ partners. Finally, Antoine Verville also works in activities of the North American Network of Basin Organizations (NANBO)

Liette Vasseur - External ExpertiseBrock University

Doctorate in biology, she is vice president of research at Brock University in Ontario. Before taking on an administrative position, Dr. Vasseur held the KC Irving Chair in Sustainable Development at the Université de Moncton. In terms of research, she adopts an interdisciplinary approach. She works in ecology and much of her projects take into account the human and social aspects or research (eg. sustainable development, and ecosystem management based on communities, not only in Canada but in many other countries like China, Burkina Faso, Mexico, etc...). She has over 70 referenced publications and is involved in services to the community as associate editor at Botany, guest editor for the journal Feminist Research, and on various committees and councils such as her seat on the scientific advisory committee of the Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans.

Amélie Boisjoly-Lavoie - Coordinator Université du Québec à Rimouski

Following a degree in human geography at the Université Laval and her passage at the ROBVQ as a project manager, Amélie has developed a strong interest in citizen participation and social component of the environment. So she headed for the Master of Environmental Management at the University of Sherbrooke, in which she was especially interested in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

Within the CCC-CURA, Amélie is in charge of the management of communications, coordination of the various committees and partners as well as the general organization of the CURA.