❯   Reinforce the governance and resilience abilities to face climate change of the coastal and riverside communities throughout the St. Lawrence Gulf and Estuary   ❮

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The objective of this CURA is to strengthen the resilience capacities (physical, biological, social and political) of communities living in the coastal zones and islands of the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence. Our alliance allows strengthening of regional research capacities in the field while allowing partners to strengthen their capacities of negotiation with the various actors dealing with similar situations.

We will achieve this goal by applying the participatory action research method. This method allows those involved in the research to build and produce together consultation processes, governance arrangements in riparian, coastal and island regions, and to jointly develop with communities adaptation strategies to cope with the effects of climatic and environmental changes.

In addition to being composed of practitioners involved in the protection and enhancement of coastal and riparian environments in the field of animation and consultation, the team represents several disciplines: anthropology, sociology, geography, political science, regional planning, regional development, biology, economics, legal science and oceanography.